While shopping for a mortgage, whether it be for a refinance or to buy a property, it becomes confusing, as to where is the best place to go!  Whether you're using an Online Lender, your Bank or Credit Union, a Broker or a Direct Mortgage Lender, it can really come down to choosing the right Loan Officer!  A great Loan Officer will align themselves with a great Lender, and will understand the available loan programs, their Lender's process and systems, and more importantly, understand YOUR Needs!

Some ways that I've differentiated myself from other Loan Officers have been my education in what impacts peoples' financial lives.  I've aligned myself with Mortgage Planner University and CMPS (Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist) in the past.  This has better equipped me to provide loan suggestions to meet a clients' needs.  Also, I closely follow the Market to better advise clients with their Interest Rate needs.

My Lender, American Pacific Mortgage, is a Direct Mortgage Lender, so all we do is Mortgages.  By this very definition, our sole focus is assisting clients with their mortgage needs, and can offer a very wide range of loan programs that we can Underwrite and Fund, so it better provides us with the control of YOUR loan process (vs. leaving it up to somebody elses' hands).  We work to make the loan work for you, NOT the other way around!

Our Home Buyers benefit from using us because we will send our Pre-Approvals to our Underwriting Department for a full Credit Approval.  This will allow the Home Buyer to stand out amongst the competition when they submit their offer (by showing the Seller that an Underwriter, vs. just the Loan Officer, has Approved the file and is just awaiting a property to be determined).  Not many Lenders will allow this to be completed upfront!  We will!

Secured Lock is another great benefit that Home Buyers enjoy!  This program is designed to protect Home Buyers, whether they're currently shopping for a home, selling their home first, then shopping, or building a new home.  We can lock their interest rate prior to locating a property.  This is great during a time when interest rates are rising, so the Home Buyer won't price themselves out of the Market, as rates can quickly change. 

Our Home Buyers are also registered into a large Home Buyer Network because of our relationship with the Network.  This Network aligns Home Buyers with Listings that are not currently on the MLS, Pocket Listing or Private Listing.  The Network works with both the Listing and Buyer's Agents.  When a listing appears that meet the Home Buyer's criteria, then there is an alert sent to the Home Buyer and their Agent.  They can make arrangements to view the property.  This alleviates some of the competition in the Open Market and provides our Home Buyers access to more properties for their choosing.

Also, we offer our clients, whether they are refinancing or buying a home, a very intuitive Mobile App for their Smart phones.  This Mobile App will provide the Lender's contact information and Agent's (if they're partnered with us) information.  The user is able to apply for a mortgage online and receive status updates on any active transaction they have with us.  Also, they're able to search properties online, which the system has a scoring based system (if you complete the user profile).  Our users' love to use the Mortgage Calculators, as they're very intuitive to guidelines to loan programs, property tax and insurance (both Mortgage Insurance, if applicable, and Homeowner's Insurance) estimates.  There's also links for user's to view FHA and VA Approved Condos, along with determining costs for Transfer Taxes.  We're always looking for ways to improve our Mobile App, so if you have any suggestions, then our ears are always open to listen to your suggestions!

One of the things that I love about my company, American Pacific Mortgage, is it's desire to help their communities.  This is why they initiated APM Cares!  For every loan that is funded, then the LO, Branch and Company all pitch into the fund.  You can view some additional information on this program here.