Mike Bjork


Sr. Mortgage Planner

Contact Information

Phone: 310.694.3544
Fax: 800.986.3155
Cell: 310.923.1884
E-mail: Mike@MikeBjork.com

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About Mike Bjork

Who I Am:

I am a husband and a father (since 2008) to my wonderful son, Ryan.  Most of my time, outside of work, revolves around my son.  I enjoy reading, am very passionate about sports (especially the Minnesota teams, as I’m originally from there –a Midwestern Boy at heart) and experiencing new things through travel.  Also, I enjoy learning new things and sharing with my partners to clients (especially internet-related items).

 On the business side of things I am a Sr. Mortgage Planner with American Pacific Mortgage, Chief Strategist of Marketing for The Mike Bjork Group and daily Blogger on Mikes Daily Market Report.

Real Estate Experience:

I began my career in the Real Estate Industry back in 2002 as a Loan Officer with a broker, South Bay Funding in Hermosa Beach.  I’ve worked with a Broker, Direct Lender and a Bank during my time as a Loan Officer.  I developed to model my business around 2005 as a Mortgage Planner and received much of my knowledge through some outstanding and intelligent individuals at Strategic Equity Group and the CMPS Institute.  This is where I discovered that our job is more than just providing loans, but providing solutions to individuals’ needs. 

Who I Help:

I help a lot of people in various ways, so I’ll break it down by groups:

Home Buyers: I assist them with informed decisions on financing their properties, whether they may be First Time Home Buyers, Investors, people moving Up- or Down- leg in their Property search and our wonderful Vets.

Home Owners: I assist them with various strategies that can fully optimize their full tax benefits and cash flow (not only important in business, but in personal life too).  I’ve been able to share various strategies to pay off their mortgage in a safe manner to funding their children’s education and preparing them for their retirement years.  Typically, these strategies revolve around a type of refinance of their mortgage to meet each objective specifically.  Also, I follow up with them annually to make sure that life’s changes still haven’t changed their objectives discussed previously.

Real Estate Agents: I assist them with various Marketing tips through the Mike Bjork Group, which may consist of educational training with the various Social Media outlets and internet-related items to help them grow their business.  Of course, I make sure their clients are well cared for along the Home Buying process, as a Sr. Mortgage Planner.

Financial Planners: I assist their clients with their mortgage needs, whether it be financing a home or finding different strategies to assist them with the specific objectives that they’d like to achieve (as mentioned in Home Owners section).

CPAs: I assist their clients with their mortgage needs, which the most common clients whom are recommended are Self Employed borrowers because of my understanding of their complex tax situations.

Attorneys: Depending on the type of law they practice, which I’ve assisted them with various strategies revolving a home in a divorce situation to utilizing the equity in a clients’ home to make payment for their legal fees and satisfy liens.

How I Help:

I show Borrowers their options to what financing solutions are available to them and make suggestions to what may best meet their objectives.  Also, I provide education for them with my sponsored webinars at Mikes Home Buyer University, so they can learn in the comforts of their own home.  I assist Real Estate Agents with various Marketing ideas, many are shared on my Facebook Fan Page, and also through my sponsored webinars via Mikes Home Buyer University for Real Estate Agents.

Feel free to contact me any time, if you have any questions regarding my services at 310.923.1884 .